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Insights Into Some Key Areas of College Planning

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Sample College Funding Report

This detailed report gives us an accurate projection of your EFC and potential aid eligibility for the schools on your list. It also allows us to see how we can make school-specific adjustments to improve your financial situation. We will also be able to project your net out of pocket costs per year.

Sample College Profile

This is a sample report we can provide for hundreds of schools around the country. They are accurately updated and serve as a great tool to find right-fit schools for your student.

Glossary of Key Terms

This handout reviews some of the core terms and definitions you need to understand in order to properly navigate the complex world of college planning.

5 Key Questions To Ask Colleges

This handout reviews 5 important questions you want to ask every potential school to understand if it is a good fit.

Criteria For Selecting The Right Schools

This handout reviews some of the key criteria you need to keep in mind when evaluating different schools for your student.

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