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Showing Families and Students a Smarter Way To Plan and Pay For College

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Why We Are Here

A Long Road To New Beginnings

We recognize the enormous amount of time, emotional energy and hard work it has taken to get to this point - as a parent and as a student, and this is really just the beginning. 

With the rapidly rising cost and complexity of college admissions, the old approaches to college planning are not keeping up. More importantly, these outdated strategies are not adequately guiding students to find the best fits schools based on academic, social and economic matching. In addition, future students are put at risk while also stressing household finances and retirement plans.

We simply want to show you a better way. 

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The Good News...

What people want from college has not changed at all. People want college to be what it always has been - a launch pad to a brighter future.

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So we decided it was time to start providing families and students with the type of education, tools, and strategies they really need.

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We take pride in coaching families and students though the college planning and admissions process. We leverage practical tools and strategies tailored to each family we meet, helping to lower college costs, target right-fit schools, optimize student loans and take advantage of available aid.

We show families how to reduce stress by focusing on these key areas to confidently get students through college without sacrificing future lifestyle and retirement.

We do our best to add a little fun along the way…


Student Positioning

With coaching from our team of professionals, families save hundreds of hours and tons of stress. Taking care of the student is the most important part of the process. Carefully building the right list of target schools based on admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and likelihood of timely graduation can end up having the most significant impact on total out of pocket costs. This part of the process can also have significant influence on getting your student into a chosen career after graduation.

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Financial Positioning

Knowing the rules is the first step. Understanding how the rules apply to your situation is absolutely necessary. This can be very dynamic and will differ for each family based on financial situation and asset positioning. We provide a complete analysis of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) using Federal, Institutional and college-specific methodologies. This will also involve ongoing annual reassessment based on changing financial conditions over the course of your student's college career. Together, we develop a plan showing the most cost effective way to fund the net college costs for all your students. This is all done while balancing the financial health of the household, making future students and retirement goals all part of the plan.

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Forms Processing

According to the US Department of Education, up to 80% of people fill out the FAFSA form in such a way that they do not receive all the aid for which they are eligible. In addition to what is required for the FAFSA, many private schools also require the CS Profile form, which asks for even more financial and personal information. We will assist and guide you through the accurate and timely submission of all necessary forms for your student. Together, we analyze and score your financial aid awards packages, ensuring they are complete and accurate, and that you clearly understand the best options for your child. When appropriate, we will direct the appeals process on your behalf and optimize your college loan strategy to best fit your situation.

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Coordinated Communications

Each family works closely with a dedicated team of professionals to address student positioning, financial positioning and forms processing. We remove the guesswork by keeping all tasks, roles and responsibilities clearly defined and on schedule. Families and students see the best results when everyone is kept engaged and efficiently moving forward. Our proprietary college planning portal is designed to provide the team with a single point of reference to simplify the complexities of the admissions and financial planning processes. Completing everything on time with less stress, and getting the best results possible is our ultimate goal.

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We recognize the enormous amount of time, emotional energy and trust we are asking you to invest with us. Let us show you how we can help.

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